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Something Is Rotten In The State Of Britain - Bookmakers

At the beginning of November Tracey Crouch, the Conservative Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society, is to produce a long-awaited review of the betting industry in Britain under the auspices of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

It is thought that the primary focuses will be on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), football-based advertising and shirt sponsorship by bookmakers with the Treasury unsurprisingly opposing any regulation of the latter two arenas due to their tax take and other revenue streams linked to the bookmaking fraternity.

Although FOBTs, advertising and shirt sponsorship are issues, they pale into insignificance in comparison with the fundamental control of British football by global mafiosi and rogue states.

A more enlightened governmental report might look at the following:

* FOBTs - the crack cocaine of gambling - target problem addicts in mainly working class areas with the option of betting thousands of pounds per hour. Betting shops in Glasgow Central, for example, generate an average profit of £150,000 per annum from these machines.

* Ground, shirt, club, league, cup and football association sponsorship by bookmakers is an issue. Of even greater concern are the numerous clubs owned (or partially owned) by bookmakers, professional gamblers and/or gambling consortia e,g. Stoke City, Brighton & Hove Albion, Glasgow Celtic, Leicester City and Brentford. There are also numerous clubs with hidden or opaque ownership or with owners who appear from nowhere with no apparent 'history' e.g. Bournemouth, Northampton Town, West Bromwich Albion, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Oxford United, Birmingham City, Cardiff City, Sheffield Wednesday and Reading. Former owners of questionable merit include Arcadi Gaydamek (an arms dealer at Portsmouth), Thaksin Shinawatra (a corrupt state politician at Manchester City) and Steve McManaman's corrupt former business partner Carson Yeung at Birmingham City.

* Football 'experts' and bookmaker 'ambassadors' provide disinformation on Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC to drive leisure money in erroneous directions to the marked financial benefit of insiders trading the opposite way at an improved price generated by media lies.

* Referees and key players (particularly goalkeepers) who are either coerced or work voluntarily with bookmakers and mafia groups to enable matchfixing, insider trading and an utter destruction of the integrity of the game are at the coalface of corruption. One current England player was reported to police by his club over allegedly throwing matches to cover his £1.3 million gambling debt, for instance. He still performs for his club in the Premier League each week (albeit for a different club).

* Bookmakers promote their products by referring to your 'winnings'. But this advertising tactic is a complete misnomer - only a handful of betting companies allow winning accounts unless of course such winning accounts are linked to inside information and insider trading - that is a very different kettle of fishy event! But, for the average bettor, you are not allowed to win - betting is a voluntary taxation.

That is the game we now have, killed off by corruption, dark money, dark pools, global mafia and rogue Deep State operations with gambling machines stripping the remainder of any wealth a problem gambler might still possess at the end of this charade.

The aim of this Conservative government post-Brexit is to create a Singapore-style financialised economy linked to far-right economic edifices like The Atlantic Bridge (TAB) created by neoliberal ideologue Liam Fox and his chums at the Heritage Foundation. It somehow seems markedly apt that the most powerful bookmaker of the last quarter century (who hails from Singapore) is one of the key operators behind this financialisation of European football at both club and betting market level.

The game of football is being killed by the markets and there is no regulation other than self-regulation and voluntary codes. And the lack of any meaningful regulation in the public markets is nothing compared to the invisibility of the underground dark pool markets where institutional market operators determine match outcomes among themselves. These entities constantly revert to a strategy of  "trust us to regulate ourselves" but you cannot trust greedy psychopaths in a regulation-free environment.

Clubs, agents, players, administrators and referees are able to earn considerably more with a move over to the dark side of corruption. Some individual matches have £10 billion global betting market volume while a global consortium of insiders, mafia and state operators generated an estimated £6 billion - £24 billion from the alleged fairy tale of the Leicester City title triumph.

Free market financial fascism is fixing football.

There is currently a long-awaited pseudo-war between the UK government and the bookmaking industry over the exploitation of gamblers and the promotion of gambling to children alongside the inevitable corruption of the beautiful game.

The global consortium behind the entirely corrupted Leicester City title triumph in 2015/16 received implicit support at state and institutional level.
Due to the systemic nature of this matchfixing, some of these ill-gotten gains ended up in Deep State coffers (a point which our legal team raised forcefully last year with George Osborne when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer).
If the current template of corruption continues into the future, the game is over as fans won't attend and all but the most addicted of gamblers tend not to bet on sports that they know to be fixed.
The government is hence between a rock and a hard place having to choose between short-termism and massive illicit profits in the immediate window or a more regulated strategic approach that generates less revenue per annum but which creates such income over a longer period of time and which doesn't destroy the sport in the process.

If the latter were the option chosen and the aim was to ensure that the bookmaking sector was properly regulated and insider trading on football matches made illegal, the Deep State returns would be markedly lessened and any offset via an increased strategic tax take for the Treasury wouldn't dent this shortfall.
This explains why the Treasury is reluctant to target the bookmaking sector...
... as the Treasury benefits proximately but allegedly indirectly from matchfixing and corruption.

A structure exists where shirt sponsorship, league sponsorship, ludicrous amounts of advertising before, during and after the game, the provision of enhanced trading facilities for insider professional gamblers and matchfixers while, in parallel, the vast majority of bookmakers refuse to allow winning accounts from all other clients and disinformational advertising persuades mug punters to part with their wealth on match options that have virtually no chance of occurrence.

Bookmakers are rotten.

Inversion capitalism is creating a vast transfer of wealth from fans, supporters, viewers and bettors to government, bookmakers, advertisers, insider matchfixing networks and the media companies Sky Sports, BT Sport (and by association the BBC). This financialisation of football is destroying the sport (as witnessed by the falling television subscriptions and match attendances) - the sport of British football is being asset stripped with the complicity of areas of our Deep State.

With the government currently addressing the gambling industry, the deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson (who is also Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) wants to ban bookmakers from sponsoring football shirts believing that this will somehow undermine the hidden epidemic of gambling addiction in Britain. A future Labour government would encourage the FA to enforce a ban on such shirt sponsorship and would regulate if/when the governing body dragged their feet (the FA have already terminated a £4 million per year sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes but this bookmaker still sponsors just about the entire football sectors in Scotland and Eire).
Watson states: "There must be no stitch-up to help the gambling industry avoid tighter restrictions on advertising."

Of course, it was New Labour under Tony Blair who undertook to deregulate the betting industry in the first place resulting in this explosion of media advertising, the ensuing corruption in the game and the creation of online betting scams like PartyGaming (who were briefly a FTSE100 company based on their fleecing of mugs at rigged virtual poker tables). It was also New Labour that bowed to the advances of the Association of Major Levy Payers (AMLP) to continue the deregulation of licensed betting offices (LBOs) that had been enacted a year before Blair came to office. The AMLP was primarily constituted of Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral. Although fiercely competitive, the British bookmaking sector operate as a fragmented cartel to protect mutually beneficial holistics when the need rises.

Gambling is an addiction. There are an estimated 2 million people who are problem gamblers or at risk of becoming so in the UK and most of these individuals are persuaded by wall-to-wall advertising and extensive sponsorship to become/remain addicted by an industry that cleared £13 billion profit last year. 430,000 have a serious gambling addiction in the country while bookies only return £10 million to help with problem gambling. But £13 billion is just the tip of the iceberg - the real profit from the industry is much greater as dark pool trading is both entirely non-regulated and underground - the profits are hidden and no taxes are paid to the state.

£1.4 billion has been spent by bookmakers over a five year period in advertising (primarily to the advantage of the coffers of BT Sport and Sky Sports). None of this advertising was allowed prior to Blair's government allowing the industry to regulate itself via a voluntary code of operation.

Currently nine Premier League teams have their shirts sponsored by bookmakers and there are 16 more teams in the Championship and League One - that is 37% of all clubs in the top three leagues. This brought in nearly £50 million to these clubs this season.

The full background to the current scenario exists in these four articles from The Guardian newspaper (although it should be noted that a matchfixing football agent has considerable clout over the output of the paper's football section!)

The business strategy is hardly new. In the old days LBOs were always located in close proximity to public houses promoting mug betting under the influence of alcohol in much the same way that undertakers gravitate to the locale of hospitals. Nowadays, many people watch live matches in these pubs but don't even have to leave their seat to register their voluntary taxation to the layers via phone apps that are often promoted by the club they support - Celtic, for example, signed a five year deal with Dafabet in 2015 to promote the products of this company, a company that has been regarded as problematical in the ethical department by Sportsbook Review (who monitor betting sites).

In Australia, gambling advertisements are banned during sporting events pre-watershed and action is taken against betting professionals undertaking pitchsiding at events (where bettors utilise time delays in market response globally due to Australia's location on the planet). These are small steps in the right direction but by no means enough to end the scourge of bookmaking wrecking sports.

Children should not be wandering round with clothing extolling the virtues of underground South East Asian bookmakers. The exposure of gambling products to young people is even greater on the BBC than on the dedicated sports channels. The percentage of Match of the Day where gambling logos are on screen is particularly high and the talking head experts are spouting the messages of their bookmaking and football agent backers in any intervening period.

Let's look at the betting exchanges for a working example of the bookmaker mindset. At companies like Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook, you place your bets and they are matched, allegedly, with punters thinking the opposite way. The winner pays commission on their winnings (up to 5%) but this commission is regressive. Professionals and insider traders betting with these companies receive a much lower commission rate for loyalty as the exchanges don't want to lose access to this privileged information as they form their markets around such knowledge. Once the outcome is in the market pre-match, the betting exchanges do not want winning bets as they would rather match themselves internally against the wrong positions traded with the company. In some cases, these manipulations go further. At one betting exchange linked to a British club, the club 'representative' would place erroneous trades at his own betting company to move the price globally so that he could trade elsewhere at much higher volumes at a markedly improved price - "if ############## is betting against ############## then we had better mimic his position" is the fallacious cry in the trading room".

Take the massive 'Cash Out' campaign undertaken by the British bookmaking industry over the last two seasons. This was to persuade leisure punters to close out winning positions early to the significant benefit of the bookmakers and betting exchanges who simply 'took on' the trade on the punters behalf but to the benefit of their own bottom line. The linked article below shows what happened to one punter who stood to win £100,000 on the Leicester City title victory but was persuaded by advertising to hand over 70% of his winnings to a bookmaker who knew that Leicester City were nailed on title winners https://synomic.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/snitching-cincuenta-y-dos_7.html.

And, incidentally, the Leicester City title win was based on doping (the club moving from the least fit in the season prior to the title win to second fittest in their fairy tale season) and referee bias (in the last three seasons Leicester City have been the most favoured team by Premier League referees by some distance).

Perhaps this is a case of 'King Power Corrupts, Absolute King Power Corrupts Absolutely' and remember that this is the same King Power who are under investigation back in Thailand over massive fraud to the tune of billions of pounds. Yet another fit and proper owner in the Premier League.

A couple of weeks ago, the main match on Sky Super Sunday was Chelsea versus Arsenal...
... the match outcome was known in the dark pool markets pre-match.

Of equivalent interest, a couple of the talking heads who share their wisdom with viewers pre-match were betting against Chelsea even though their analyses on behalf of television subscribers were questioning how there was any possible outcome other than a Chelsea victory.

Similarly, members of the BT Sports crew provided disinformation opposite to their market positions prior to last Saturday's game between Chelsea and Manchester City.

These individuals are multi-millionaires who owe their wealth to the sport but have elected post-career to sell out to murky matchfixing groups and to complicit media companies to take even more money from fans via disinformation and an exploitation of the pseudo-religious belief fans have in their teams - "if ############# tells us Arsenal have no chance of avoiding defeat then he must be right as he is one of our all-time heroes".

Currently, the British game is besmirched with turf wars - BT Sport, BBC and the Deep State versus Sky Sports and the Murdochracy, a fragmented cartel of British football agents versus Gestifute, Ladbrokes Coral versus William Hill versus Betfair Paddy Power versus South East Asian layers. Additionally, the mafia groups who are corrupting football understand that this last window before the onset of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) is their final opportunity to clean up without obstruction. The widespread media campaign in Britain against VAR is an example of this strategy with fallacious concepts like 'the final decision must be in the hands of the referee' a guarantee of future matchfixing ad finitum. In the Bundesliga and Serie A where VAR has been introduced this season there are far far fewer games determined by referee 'error'. But even these versions of VAR don't go far enough - why aren't managers able to request a review of a decision as in tennis and cricket? And, meanwhile, Sportradar a company that is supposed to highlight instances of matchfixing but has a conflict of interest in that it is funded by the bookmakers who often undertake and always benefit from matchfixing is regarded as something of substance, of proper oversight. As a former head of investigations at FIFA pointed out to us, it is surprising that he and Football is Fixed know of fixed games that somehow slip below the radar of Sportradar - publicly at least.

Magistrate Nino di Matteo on collusion between Sicilian mafia and the Italian state: "We live in a mafia state - a state that, in order to preserve the status quo, has to remove whistleblowers who want justice. We want to know the reason for the silence of the mainstream media - why are they frightened to the degree they become accomplices in (and beneficiaries of) the corruption? We must rebel against this system and this mafia method."

In particular, the primary loci of corruption and matchfixing in British football resides with bookmakers and football agents. Both are heavily linked with mafia-style entities in Europe and Asia and with Deep State operatives within government.

The situation in football is remarkably similar to the arms trade where illicit state sponsored deals like Al Yamamah result in state terrorism, the destabilisation of whole regions of the world and result in the deaths and mutilations of huge numbers of innocent victims (often children). Replace guns with footballs and the scam is the same.

Consequently, any peripheral tinkering with FOBTs and shirt sponsorship is not going to seriously impact upon these systemic corruption infrastructures. Removing betting companies logos from football shirts is a fiddle while Rome burns.

The betting industry alongside the advertising companies and the media companies who bring the sport to screen are offering a paltry £8 million to fund a gambling awareness campaign to educate punters about the perils of trading in corrupt markets. £8 million is a small percentage of the amounts bet by bookmakers on just one game in the dark pool poker tables of corruption where match outcomes are determined. It is small change and should not be allowed to undermine a thorough review of the criminalities that are destroying football.

If Labour really want to confront this systemic corruption (and, as an aside, save the people's game), they should be focusing on the role of Deep State operatives in the fixing of British football. Once in government Labour should implement onerous regulation regarding betting markets, insider trading, matchfixing, doping, referee selection, football agents and the transfer markets. UK Anti-Doping should be disbanded and replaced by an entity that is not captured by the industry and, moreover, Labour should establish UK Anti-Matchfixing to address a situation where the majority of Premier League games are matchfixed in each round of games. Fans need to be made fully aware of what has happened to their favourite sport.

It is only a matter of time before this house of cards of football corruption comes tumbling down.
If Labour were behind this campaign to save the people's game, a period of government would be guaranteed despite the manipulative gerrymandering that attempts to keep these charlatans in power in perpetuity.

This DCMS review might be the last chance to save football. Labour should wise up and hit this government where it hurts - in their acquiescence in the corruption of our national sport.

'Football is Fixed' is a global network established in the mid-nineties to save football from the mafia.

Our network consists of whistleblowers from within the football and betting sectors. We receive threats and our existences are based on sousveillance and enhanced security. Several of our network exist entirely underground for safety reasons. There are many other people in the sport who know about certain aspects of the corruptions at play but who are too scared to confront the mafia groups that orchestrate these outrages.

We will soon be releasing a book exposing the corrupt matrices that underpin corruption in football.
You can register your interest in this limited edition book at meawhistleblower.com.

If you have any information to contribute to Football is Fixed, please email Ojo del Toro in complete confidence at http://www.matchfixinganalytics.org/about-matchfixing-analytics/ . You can do so anonymously, but if you use your real name you can rest assured that this website operates a blanket policy of non-disclosure and does not cooperate with requests for details from the authorities or individuals.

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The Revolution Sashays Up The Mall - Laugh In The Face Of Power



Promotional Preface

“Everything seeks its own death including power”- Jean Baudrillard

Death is liberation.

The Infamous Wu Shu Hackers are a global cellular network established in 1995 to save football from the mafia.

This is a crime novel, a hybrid of fact and coded fiction based on fact. Global Mafiosi have stolen the game and murdered the sport. But the crime is not perfect, traces remain to be discovered and hacked and shared.
Global football ‘elites’ act as an oligarchical cartel to solicit proprietary gains alongside the rape of the game. Football is prostituted under the supervision of the governmental, institutional, bookmaking, media and regulatory captures that dominate the systemic structure of the corruption.
It is the End of Play, a Timeline of Decay.

Football has become iconoclastic. Modern iconoclasm no longer consists in destroying images but in manufacturing a profusion of images where there is nothing to see – the use of instant replays to rewrite the history of unfortunate occurrences!

It is the End of Play.
Football is Fixed.
Football is Fucked.
Football is Dead.

Whereas MOBgate, the collusion between football agent and professional gambler, John Colquhoun, and referee Jonathan Moss which resulted in a set of insider trading events that would occur by chance once every 93 billion years (our universe is 13.8 billion years old) was a private affair, the corruption behind Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2015/16 was systemic and involved institutions, government, referees, mainstream media, doping regimes, matchfixing and illicit club ownership.

In this book we disclose other corruptions too, both systemic and particular. The takeover of the England team by a cartel of football agents, the collusion between Rangers and the Scottish FA and the equivalent accommodations between Celtic, Sevco, Ladbrokes and those behind the systemic corruption in English football, the systemic manipulations and physical theft of documents by 'Football Leaks' - a front for a cartel of football agents - to undermine Jose Mourinho and all matters Gestifute, the rigging of promotion and relegation issues in the Championship (particularly to the benefit of Brighton and Hove Albion). On a particular level, we reveal the extent that referees, players and club officials work with bookmakers and other market professionals to fix top flight football matches in the major European leagues as well as numerous other boiler room scams where small groups come together to rig the global markets for proprietary gain.

Football died with its biggest fairy tale – the rise of Leicester City to being Premier League champions - the remarkable story of devolved sovereign wealth fund-backed billionaires backing local lads, bribing referees, doping local lads, buying superstars, doping superstars, buying off opponents, doping the markets, massively successful on the pitch and in the markets via institutional control and corruption. As we show in the book, the goodwill lost out of the Leicester City Affair is colossal – you can fool some of the fans some of the time, you can fool all of the fans some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the fans all of the time. It was a poor strategy allowing criminals to own the Foxes. But at least now we know that with doping, referee control and state mafia/sovereign wealth fund backing, anybody can win the Premier League.

There are parallels to the decline of that other great sport, cricket. Most international matches, all matches on the Indian sub-continent, most T20 games and the County Championship in England are entirely corrupted by the mafia that is the Dawood Company. Originally based in Mumbai they were held responsible for the 1993 bombings and relocated to Dubai and then Pakistan where, alongside cricket, they engage in murder, smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, racketeering, gunrunning, terrorism, money laundering, counterfeiting and betting. With an inner core of between five and ten thousand members plus a penumbra of operatives, this is evidently not cricket. Tis little wonder the cricket grounds of the world have tumble-grasses of desolate narratives blowing through the empty stands.

We have seen evidence that this South Asian mafia group is funding ISIS in Pakistan on a protection level. The full impacts of matchfixing are far greater than mere sporting integrity.

From autarky to autarchy.
[Fragmented] cartels, monopolies, duopolies, opaque layered mature markets, gamed regulation or self-regulation or no regulation, dark pool poker tables of corruption, sinister darknet operations, Deep States bifurcating between the kleptocratic and the plutocratic, disaster capitalism templates helicoptered in to scenes of desperation, state and self-imposed mainstream media censorship, corporate lobbyists controlling the democratic process and filtering knowledge via their abuse of press output, the imprisoning of whistleblowers, the omnipresence of shadow banking and dark money matrices, certain investment houses operating as states within states directly influencing world governance via a confiscation of power, global warming our way to a new planetary equilibrium state with irreversible feedback loops, akin to the early phases in the development of the acidic atmosphere of Venus, all of this blended together with the hard right politics of divide and rule and class war.
That’s late capitalism!

Illegitimate claims of capitalism producing growth when, as Piketty intimated, the only growth is due to an expansion in the global populace – late capitalism is the conclusion of a Ponzi scheme orchestrated in the late Middle Ages but doomed to a disastrous death from day one, as with all pyramid schemes. “Growth is not democracy. Profusion is a function of discrimination”.

Late capitalism yields a plethora of Ponzi bubbles - these are not Kondratieff waves but rather expressions of robust Malthusian ecological limits blended with the conclusion of this viral pyramid scheme. 
It is the worst of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of foolishness.
Capitalism, despite the support of Deep States, is a Ponzi scheme collapsing under the weight of its own absurdity.
But All-Under-Heaven suggests that the situation should be observed a level deeper…
… the level of the mafia state.
A fragmentally cartelised web of geographically scattered mafia states orchestrate the systemic corruption and matchfixing that has destroyed global football. It is suitably ironic in a postmodern way that a game that is played on turf should have become a mafia battle over turf.

It is the skewed incentives of diabolical wealth accumulation together with short-termist inversion capitalist structures with the supportive networks of tax havens and regulatory capture that have allowed the deconstruction of football as a sport over the last quarter century.
As soon as there is an imbalance in favour of market depth over sporting kudos, corruption is a given.

A death spiral.
A system of cascading death spirals.

Hayek was bad enough but free markets have been replaced by bureaucratic state monopoly control – markets are a terror of value without equivalence.
Take the efficiency of markets (financial or football) which allegedly underpins neoliberal ideology - there is no efficiency in corrupt markets, the prices may be manipulated to private hidden agendas and all of the information is most definitely not in the price. Corrupted markets may be made into anything.

Financial markets are also inefficient via their refusal to accept the cost of negative externalities in the price of an asset. How on earth can a price be efficient in the holistic sense if externalities are not included in the equation? The timing of the eagerly anticipated systemic implosion is an unknowable variable. It is an unknown known. Temporally.
Disaster myopia in a disaster capitalism complex!

Through the provision of a psychopathic regulation-lite template where individuals are rewarded for antisocial public displays of their disorders, elevating themselves up the power hierarchy, it is hardly surprising that the system itself has become psychopathic. Short-termism engenders systemic risk. Refusing to recognise externalities produces super-systemic risk.

The Wu Shu Hackers, infamous before we started - legendary Chinese monkeys whose aim is to defeat the greedy warlords and give football back to the people.

There is a battle for truth with fake mainstream news obfuscating corruption while what Slavoj Zizek calls “a carnivalesque popular parade, a mocking spectacle” sashays down the Mall.

We offer dietrologia for our times, the end times, and we exhibit incredulity towards any meta-narrative. Information now resides in the individual, not the state. An economy based on information cannot be capitalist despite the best efforts of governments, monopolies and banks to maintain control over power and information - the hive mind network trumps hierarchy. Always.

Always futurescanning.

We open markets.

Football has found a new equilibrium state as an augmented reality where manipulators create an illusion to create an event. Each paradigm develops its own Gestalt but any whole is temporary as, in effect, there is no paradigm, only corruption versus critical consciousness. There are no permanent facts, only interpretations. There are no absolutes. There is no solid ground.
Enter the hacker, the whistleblower, the spectator of the spectacle.

We are not in the arena of rogue individuals and solo bad apples here, we are dealing with a systemic and global stealing of the people’s game. The Deep State plus an ever-expanding circle of non-governmental advisers from banking, industry, commerce and sport who were cleared for highly classified information denied to large swathes of the real state have resolved to monetise the game to derivative levels of opacity.

More money, more greed, more envy - psychopathy of the individual and of the system. It is the systemic nature of the market-led corruption that underpins both neo-liberalism and football. The fight to save football, although futile, has been a tragedy of intrigue, mystery and corruption but also of freedom, a passion for justice and struggle against impossible odds.

Nino di Matteo: “We live in a mafia state – a state that, in order to preserve the status quo, has to remove whistleblowers who want justice. We want to know the reason for the silence of mainstream media – why are they frightened to the degree they become accomplices in (and beneficiaries of) the corruption. We must rebel against this system and this mafia method.
“… Since receiving death threats, I have felt fear. My freedom is restricted. It is unlikely I will ever live a normal life again.”
There is nowhere for whistleblowers to turn. We live underground and invisibly most of our lives, security is second nature, automatic – number plate-face, the discarding of burners, the abuse of pagers, programming to intercept drones, different routes-different times, establishing secret office spaces, creating networks of proprietary VPNs, the daily changing of codes utilising proprietary random number generators, linked in a cellular manner to colleagues who one can rarely meet while at all times of crisis having to act solo in strategy and reactive in defence when communication routes are necessarily convoluted.
And, in the holistic, constructing doubled and trebled games of strategy to enmesh the enemy in our cosmic web of sousveillance.

Whistleblowing is a risk business. The targeting of other people’s inappropriate powers engenders psychopathic response. There is no support matrix for whistleblowers, the law has to be broken.

The Infamous Wu Shu Hackers are a dynamic, moving target. We are opaque and elastic and geographically spread. The nodes are secure. We have moved the agenda along ahead of the curve for nearly a quarter of a century. The mainstream media doesn’t function. We by-pass this media to become the media. We are anarchists. We have spent our adult lives demolishing capitalism and the liberal state via direct action, sousveillance and hacking, whistleblowing, spying on the spies, setting hoax traps, constantly reconfiguring our security and our advantages. We are latter day Edelweiss Pirates. We give you our art and our graffiti. We offer you dietrologia – the science of what is behind something and we give you ‘pataphysics – the science of that which is superinduced upon metaphysics, examining the laws governing exceptions and universes parallel to this one. The science of imaginary solutions.

We reveal much in the book but some content is redacted and many individuals are coded. Names, characters, businesses, states, places, events and incidents are either the product of a diseased imagination or used in a fictitious manner only linked to the truth via multiversal wormholes. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or anywhere in between, or actual events is purely coincidental, a fluke, a freak entanglement.

The Infamous Wu Shu Hackers have the biggest sports story of all time. Read on.

W.B. Yeats: "All changed, changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born".


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Countdown Of Our 100 Favourite Matchfixing Events Of Last Decade

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Countdown Of Our 100 Favourite Matchfixing Events From The Last Decade

100. West Brom 5 Man United 5 (May 19th 2013) - Premier League
99. England 2 Spain 2 (Nov 11th 2016) - International Friendly
98. Bayern Munich 2 Man City 3 (Dec 10th 2013) Champions League
97. Portsmouth 0 Fulham 1 (May 11th 2008) Premier League
96. West Ham 2 Chelsea 1 (Oct 24th 2015) Premier League
95. Tottenham 2 Birmingham 1 (May 11th 2011) Premier League
94. Man Utd 1 Real Madrid 2 (Mar 5th 2013) Champions League
93. South Africa 0 Uruguay 3 (Jun 10th 2010) World Cup Finals
92. Newcastle 6 Norwich 2 (Oct 18th 2015) Premier League
91. Parma 0 Chievo 1 (Feb 11th 2015) Serie A
90. West Brom 4 Burnley 0 (Nov 21st 2016) Premier League
89. Monaco 2 Tottenham 1 (Nov 23rd 2016) Champions League
88. Leicester 5 Man United 3 (Sep 21st 2015) Premier League
87. Fulham 2 Wigan 0 (Oct 29th 2008) Premier League
86. Dynamo Kiev 6 Besiktas 0 (Dec 6th 2016) Champions League
85. Wigan 1 Tottenham 0 (Jan 11th 2009) Premier League
84. France 3 Honduras 0 (Jun 15th 2014) World Cup Finals
83. Nottingham Forest 5 West Ham 0 (Jan 5th 2014) FA Cup
82. Zenit St Petersburg 4 Bayern Munich 0 (May 1st 2008) UEFA Cup Semi Final
81. Rhyl 5 Port Talbot Town 0 (Apr 9th 2016) Welsh Premier League
80. Portsmouth 0 Fulham 1 (May 11th 2008) Premier League
79. Man City 4 Tottenham 1 (Oct 18th 2014) Premier League
78. Inverness Caledonian Thistle 3 Celtic 2 (Apr 19th 2015) Scottish Cup Semi Final
77. Celtic 0 Juventus 3 (Feb 12th 2013) Champions League
76. Man United 5 Midtjylland 1 (Feb 25th 2016) Europa League
75. Stoke 2 Tottenham 1 (Oct 19th 2008) Premier League
74. Portsmouth 1 Cardiff City 0 (May 17th 2008) FA Cup Final
73. Finland U21 1 England U21 1 (Sep 9th 2013) UEFA U21 Championship
72. Tottenham 4 Man City 1 (Sep 26th 2015) Premier League
71. Real Madrid 0 Barcelona 4 (Nov 21st 2015) Primera Liga
70. Southampton 4 Arsenal 0 (Dec 26th 2015) Premier League
69. Blackburn 1 Derby 0 (Feb 28th 2017) Championship
68. Legia Warszawa 4 Celtic 1 (Jul 30th 2014) Champions League Qualifiers
67. England 1 Iceland 2 (Jun 28th 2016) Euro 2016 Finals
66. West Ham 3 Bournemouth 4 (Aug 22nd 2015) Premier League
65. Barnet 2 Macclesfield 1 (Nov 25th 2011) League Two
64. Gibraltar 0 Liechtenstein 0 (Mar 23rd 2016) Friendly International
63. Willem II 0 Utrecht 3 (Mar 20th 2010) Dutch Eredivisie
62. Lithuania 2 Malta 0 (Oct 11th 2016) World Cup Qualifiers
61. Chelsea 2 Man City 1 (Oct 27th 2013) Premier League
60. Middlesboro 0 Leicester City 0 (Jan 2nd 2017) Premier League
59. Man Utd 2 Crystal Palace 0 (Sep 14th 2013) Premier League
58. Everton 2 Leicester 3 (Dec 19th 2015) Premier League
57. Everton 3 Chelsea 6 (Oct 30th 2014) Premier League
56. Juventus 3 Napoli 1 (Feb 28th 2017) Coppa Italia
55. Barcelona 7 Celtic 0 (Sep 13th 2016) Champions League
54. Man City 1 Tottenham 2 (Feb 14th 2016) Premier League
53. West Ham 2 Blackpool 1 (May 19th 2012) Championship Play-Off Final
52. Brighton 3 Derby 0 (Mar 10th 2017) Championship
51. Liverpool 1 Bournemouth 0 (Aug 17th 2015) Premier League
50. Zenit St Petersburg 2 Rangers 0 (May 14th 2008) UEFA Cup Final
49. Man City 6 Portsmouth 0 (Sep 21st 2008) Premier League
48. Bournemouth 3 West Ham 2 (Mar 11th 2017) Premier League
47. Liverpool 8 Besiktas 0 (Nov 6th 2007) Champions League
46. Liverpool 2 Ludogorets 1 (Sep 16th 2014) Champions League
45. Bayer Leverkusen 1 FC Koln 2 (Nov 7th 2015) Bundesliga
44. Brighton 2 Leeds Utd 0 (Dec 10th 2016) Championship
43. Brighton 3 QPR 0 (Dec 27th 2016) Championship
42. Sunderland 1 Liverpool 3 (Sep 29th 2013) Premier League
41. Schalke 2 Eintracht Frankfurt 0 (Apr 11th 2014) Bundesliga
40. Aston Villa 1 Tottenham 2 (Nov 2nd 2014) Premier League
39. Liverpool 0 West Brom 2 (Feb 11th 2013) Premier League
38. Blackpool 1 West Brom 3 (Apr 8th 2008) Championship
37. Veria 4 Kerkyra 0 (Mar 18th 2017) Greek Super League
36. Levante 1 Real Zaragoza 2 (May 22nd 2011) Primera Liga
35. Real Betis 0 Sporting Gijon 3 (Jun 11th 2015) Segunda Liga
34. Sporting Gijon 2 Villarreal 0 (May 15th 2016) Primera Liga
33. FC Slutsk 2 Shakter Soligorsk 1 (Feb 3rd 2014) Belarussian Premier League
32. SC Freamunde 1 Ponferradina 2 (Aug 4th 2014) Friendly Match
31. AlbinoLeffe 2 Siena 1 (Jan 9th 2011) Serie B
30. Everton 2 Arsenal 1 (Dec 16th 2016) Premier League
29. Leicester City 4 Man City 2 (Dec 10th 2016) Premier League
28. Celtic 1 Rangers 3 (Oct 24th 2010) Scottish Premier League
27. Chelsea 1 Man Utd 0 (Mar 13th 2017) FA Cup Quarter Final
26. Arsenal 4 Aston Villa 0 (May 30th 2015) FA Cup Final
25. Torino 2 Inter Milan 2 (Mar 18th 2017) Serie A
24. Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2 and Man Utd 4 West Ham 0 (Aug 13th 2017) Premier League
23. Stoke 1 Arsenal 0 (Aug 19th 2017) Premier League
22. West Brom 1 Stoke 1 (Aug 27th 2017) Premier League
21. Real Madrid 2 Valencia 2 (Aug 27th 2017) La Liga
20. Bournemouth 2 Brighton 1 (Sep 15th 2017) Premier League
19. Stoke 0 Chelsea 4 (Sep 23rd 2017) Premier League
18. Tianjin Teda 4 Tianjin Quanjian 1 (Sep 23rd 2017) Chinese Super League
17. Norwich 1 Derby 2 (Oct 4th 2008) Championship
16. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1 (Oct 14th 2017) Premier League
15. Brighton 1 Everton 1 (Oct 15th 2017) Premier League
14. Leicester 1 West Brom 1 (Oct 16th 2017) Premier League
13. West Ham 0 Brighton 3 (Oct 21st 2017) Premier League

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